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: Private Pilot Licence Trainee in Need

Munyaradzi Mufori

This letter is an application for sponsorship for my Pilot Training course at Zimbabwe Flight Centre in Zimbabwe ,which I recently started several months ago and still going further towards my commercial pilot license.

I am a simple but down to earth gentleman aged 19, anticipating financial redemption to persue a dream.The road accident that left me fatherless 19 years ago, when I was still in my mother’s womb almost shattered my dreams of becoming a pilot due to lack of funds and a father to support my dream. My
mother who makes a living out of teaching, struggled so hard to pay up my fees in the previous years of my High school years. Given that she has two more children to raise through her low earning career, she will by no means be able to fulfill my dream of becoming a pilot with the highly demanding fees
and the harsh economic situation in my country. I am a gifted high performing student but very crippled financially.

My ambition is to start a private airline and Flight School in Africa. Given the sponsorship, becoming an airline pilot would be the starting point of fulfilling my vision of giving birth to a private airline and a flight school in my native country Zimbabwe. The breakthrough is that Zimbabwe is the home of the
Victoria Falls, one of the world’s 7 wonders hence a wide pool of worldwide visitors. The airline would fully exploit this fact through efficient tourism increasing the country’s Gross Domestic Product and save it from hiring expensive jets for state business. I want to bridge this very wide gap between African airlines and bring back Zimbabwe’s air transport to full capacity.

The flight school will serve the purpose of training students that are high achieving but from very poor backgrounds like myself and it will also spread awareness about aviation. Learning at Zimbabwe Flight Centre would give me an international recognition and also association with great people who can help me cross the bridge to success both financially and marketing.

I will be very grateful if you help me in any way possible that you can ,any amount is significant it will go a long way towards my certification .By God’s grace I will stop at nothing till I deliver and be able to give back , that is sponsoring other aspiring pilots. I am driven by passion for aviation and determined to reach my destination. I do hope I get a chance to prove my worth to the world of aviation with the first step to my journey being my first solo pilot bar. Thank you for considering my letter in advance.

Yours Sincerely in Aviation
Munyaradzi Webster Mufori

Email: scholarship@zimflight.org.zw