• Gweru Aerodrome,Bulawayo Road
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  • shcolarship@zimflight.org.zw

Field trips are available for students from the ages of 3 up to 15 years of age although small infants can be escorted with their parents. Students will and learn about ZFCCS’s long and storied history using aviation to change and save lives –globally! Lunch space is available upon request to all the invited students and guests. Zimbabwe Flight Crew Co-operative Society is an active and working organisation , therefore, a minimum of one adult is required to accompany the students of all ages.Field trips are available year-round and open to all schools and community groups.ZFCCS field trips are offered at no cost and transport would be available to and from the event sites.

1.Gweru Aviation Military Museum visits

2.Infant Aviator Cadet Program Airport visits

3.Aviation Symposiums