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  • +2638644264900
  • shcolarship@zimflight.org.zw


Dear  Donor
My name is Delight Musomekwa and I’m a part of the team at ZFCCS. At,  ZFCCS our goal is to help people so that they can have a better and improved standard of living through aviation and create a better life of flight.. Last year we managed to partner the friends of the aviation museum and did a vintage aircraft paintjob.
We’re requesting for a donation of an amount of $300 to purchase a windsock or alternatively an already purchased windsock for Gweru Airport  so as to preserve the good aviation safety record at the local airport.

If you’re interested in learning how you can help our auction, contact our procurement team at admin@zimflight.org.zw or on our landline number 08644264900. Or feel free to fill out and send the attached donation request form with your contribution.

As always, you contributions are valuable to the continuation of our cause.
Delight Musomekwa

Head of Acquisition

Zimbabwe Flight Crew Co-operative Society